By | September 9, 2016

The sauropods were the largest dinosaurs ever to walk on Earth. Some were longer than a blue whale, and the heaviest weighed as much as 12 elephants. Isanosaurus was one of the smaller members of the sauropod family. Like other sauropods, whose fossilized tracks show groups walking together, it might have lived in family groups or herds for safety. It lived during the late Triassic Period, making it one of the earliest known sauropods.

Isanosaurus (ee-sahn-oh-SAW-rus)


When: 216–199 million years ago (Late Triassic)

Fossil location: Thailand

Habitat: Forests and swamps

Length: 40 ft (12 m)

Diet: Plants

Isanosaurus was discovered in the Isan region of Thailand. Unfortunately, the remains are incomplete, including only a few back bones, ribs, and a 2 ft (65 cm) long thigh bone. Even so, scientists can tell a lot about Isanosaurus by comparing it to close relatives. It walked on all fours to carry its great weight but it could probably rear up on its back legs to reach high branches. It likely had a small head and spoon-shaped teeth for cropping leaves.



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